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A Guide To Our Freshwater Salt System

So you just had your saltwater hot tub delivered. The technician on site told you everything you needed to know, but if you’re like me, you forgot all of it by the time he started his truck to leave. Now what? Luckily, I have had three cups of coffee, and compiled everything you ever needed … Read More

Salt Water Hot Tubs

What’s up with Salt and your Spa? One of the latest innovations in spa water chemistry is Hot Spring’s FreshWater Salt System, available on our Limelight and HighLife spas. The remarkable, new, patent pending technology behind this system provides for: Smoother, softer-feeling water Diminished chloramines formation Less odor – Eco-friendly Gentle to hair, even colored … Read More

Pool Algae

What’s it all about, Pool Algae? Swimming season is upon us, and it’s time for some straight talk about the #1 problem we hear about from our walk in customers, year after year: POOL ALGAE! This is a pool with a full algae bloom: (although it’s not as bad as some we’ve seen!) Seeing this … Read More

Continental Pool School Pop Quiz

As the swimming season begins, the professionals at Continental Pool and Spa are “springing” this pop quiz on you about pool water chemistry. How well do you know your stuff? 2019 Pool School Water Chemistry Pop Quiz True or False? If your pool smells like chlorine, you are using too much chlorine. True or False? … Read More

The Best Hot Tub Controls To Keep Your Spa Ready and Waiting

For hot tub owners, the best part of the day is emerging from the spa. Because today’s high-tech hot tubs efficiently maintain temperature, your hot tub is always ready and waiting at your ideal personal settings. Intuitive hot tub controls allow for precise adjustments to temperature, jet massage action, soothing lights, and even music to set the … Read More

Salt Water Hot Tubs VS Chlorine: Which Is Right For Your Family?

Salt Water Hot Tubs Vs. Chlorine Hot Tubs So, you’ve decided to buy a hot tub—congratulations! You’re about to enter a whole new world of enjoyment with health benefits. Daily relaxation and rejuvenation, improved relationship connections, and a keener, more focused mind are just a few of the things you can look forward to. But … Read More

HOT TUBS FOR SALE NEAR ME: Narrowing In On The Perfect Shopping Experience

These days, the convenience and selection of internet shopping are hard to beat. But when it comes to appliances and large investments like hot tubs, virtual stores don’t provide the same peace of mind and long-term support for maintenance and repairs as brick-and-mortar dealerships do. Dealers stand behind their products and answer your questions face-to-face to … Read More

What Are The Best Accessories For My Outdoor Hot Tub?

Your hot tub is a place in which you can relax, enjoy health-related benefits such as improved quality of sleep, and spend quality with your family and friends. While even a simple spa can provide temporary relief from pain, reduce stress, and please owners, useful outdoor hot tub accessories can enhance your overall spa experience. Here’s … Read More

Can You Use Your Hot Tub In The Summer?

Summer is here! At last, the season of sunny days and evening fireflies has returned. But summer can also bring oppressive temperatures and high humidity. On those days, the hot tub that’s your paradise on chilly fall days, cold winter nights, and carefree spring weekends can seem like a cauldron, sending you in search of … Read More

The Benefits Of Salt Water Hot Tubs

For centuries, people have traveled to mineral springs to bathe in the waters and experience their restorative powers. These hot springs, which draw their heat from beneath the earth’s crust, are inherently self-sustaining. In this way, they’re much like modern salt water hot tubs, which are designed to generate their own natural cleansing and soothing properties. Owning … Read More