Salt Water Hot Tubs

What’s up with Salt and your Spa?

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One of the latest innovations in spa water chemistry is Hot Spring’s FreshWater Salt System, available on our Limelight and HighLife spas. The remarkable, new, patent pending technology behind this system provides for:

  • Smoother, softer-feeling water
  • Diminished chloramines formation
  • Less odor – Eco-friendly
  • Gentle to hair, even colored or blonde
  • Reduced eye irritation
  • Soothing to skin
  • No packaged chlorine or bromine to buy and store
  • Extremely low cost to operate
  • Safe for equipment
  • Easily adjusted sanitizer level
  • Lower maintenance

The newly designed Freshwater Salt System, provides a titanium cartridge which creates chlorine from salt. You may think the water would taste or “feel” salty, but that is not the case. Salt levels are maintained around 2500 ppm, which is far below the human taste threshold. You control the level of chlorine needed (based on usage) through a control panel. This control panel reminds you to test the water every ten days and to adjust the system when necessary. It also instructs you on when your system needs attention and what steps to take. The titanium cartridge itself requires no maintenance, only replacement every four months. So, with only three cartridge changes, your spa should be sanitized for an entire year. (We recommend draining and cleaning the spa once a year, in order to start fresh with untreated water.)

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