HOT TUBS FOR SALE NEAR ME: Narrowing In On The Perfect Shopping Experience

These days, the convenience and selection of internet shopping are hard to beat. But when it comes to appliances and large investments like hot tubs, virtual stores don’t provide the same peace of mind and long-term support for maintenance and repairs as brick-and-mortar dealerships do. Dealers stand behind their products and answer your questions face-to-face to learn your unique needs. You can absolutely benefit from starting your search for a hot tub online, but do so by asking, Where can I find hot tubs for sale near me? That question will lead you to a showroom where you’ll find a spa that is perfect for your lifestyle and that will provide the best ownership experience possible.


Don’t miss out on hot tubs for sale near you.

The best hands-on selection of hot tubs is at a local dealership. The difference between a specialized spa dealership and a typical big-box home improvement store or warehouse club that carries hot tubs is that a dealer showroom is dedicated only to spas and other outdoor products. A dealer won’t just point you to the hot tub aisle; you’ll get one-on-one attention. At Continental Pool & Spa we know from experience how well high-quality hot tubs perform, how long they last, and how easy they are to maintain and repair.

If you Google Search: “hot tubs for sale near me” or “hot tub dealers in Omaha” you will find several businesses that carry all the different brands of hot tubs available today. At Continental Pool & Spa we carry Hot Spring Spa’s & FreeFlow Spa’s and have a variety of different size hot tubs at different price points (basically we carry the best quality hot tubs at the best price points for everyone).


While shopping online offers amazing convenience and a diverse selection, it can also be overwhelming, especially when making a large investment such as a hot tub. Arguably, while you’ll be faced with many choices, you won’t be able to see and touch the spa model you choose, and the hot tub you receive might not be the exact model you ordered.

Additionally, and most important, warranties may not be as robust or transparent when purchasing online—if they’re offered at all— and you won’t always get assurance that repairs will be made should problems arise. What will you receive in terms of support if you take the leap online and something goes wrong? Will you be able to contact customer service easily and quickly to obtain parts when components malfunction? Will the store help you find a technician familiar with your brand and model spa to complete repairs reliably and promptly? You’ll want satisfying answers to those questions before you click “buy,” because without trust and assurances, the value of online convenience decreases.

When you buy a spa from a dealer, however, you develop a relationship built around your long-term satisfaction and the health of the spa. Your dealer is not only invested in you from the very start, but also will stick around for many, many years to come to service your spa when necessary and offer you support along the way.

Check out the hot tubs for sale near you up close.
When you come in to Continental Pool & Spa, you’ll be given a tour of hot tubs that involves all of the senses. You can sit in dry tubs or even take a test soak to experience the different comfort designs, feel diverse jets streams on your arm, see and listen to hot tub entertainment options, and more. We will open the cabinet panels to show you how hot tub filters, pumps, and other mechanisms operate, and explain how to confidently maintain your spa. You’ll learn what routine maintenance entails and how to know when you might need to rely on a certified technician. And, of course, we will help you to understand the scope of manufacturer and dealer warranties, and we will stand by the expert technicians we dispatch directly or recommend.


A hot tub is not just an indulgence; it’s an investment in your well-being. The right spa can offer temporary relief from stress, tension, and pain, and provide an enjoyable way to connect with family and socialize with friends. The more you anticipate those benefits, the easier it will be to narrow in on the perfect spa. Your dealer will help by answering all of your questions and even by asking a few more. You’ll learn all about:

  • the spas best designed to benefit you
  • the best water care options for your comfort and ease of maintenance
  • the typical cost to run, maintain, and repair the spa over time
  • how to translate specifications of jets and other components into actual experience
  • maintenance responsibilities and how to accomplish them
  • what to expect from installation and how you can prepare
  • spa longevity
  • warranty coverage and time frame
  • the accessories and options that can take your spa experience to the next level

Your relationship with a dealer starts on the showroom floor, before you’ve made your purchase, and continues for as long as you own your spa. One of the best decisions you can make as a hot tub owner is to purchase one that comes with a lifetime knowledge base and support team.

Hot Spring® spas are proudly engineered and crafted for quality hydrotherapy and a reliably long life. Contact Continental Pool & Spa and find your perfect hot tub today.

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