Hot Tub Buyers Beware!

Hot Tub Buyers Beware: Limited-Time Blow-Out Sales

Over the course of the year, you will probably see a barrage of advertisements promoting incredible deals on Hot Tubs and Swim Spas “for a limited time only” at venues across the metro area. But hot tub buyers BEWARE!

Two words: Caveat Emptor. “Buyer Beware”.

Sales such as these are seemingly attractive because they advertise incredible savings from major manufacturers. But think about that for a minute. What brands and dealers won’t be present at these “blow outs sales”? Certainly not Hot Springs Spas and not Continental Pool and Spa – America’s leading spa manufacturer and Omaha’s #1 pool and spa company. In fact, very few of the other major manufacturers of high quality spas will be represented. The same goes for the other reputable pool & spa companies around Omaha–they will not be present at these events. So what does that mean? Most of the hot tubs at these events will be slightly modified versions of the same tub, with different brand names, all manufactured by one or two companies.

Disclosure: We do participate in local shows; most reputable dealers choose to demonstrate their products at city or community wide events. This is fitting because we support our community, just as you support us with your patronage. Travel expos are here and gone in a few days time.

Hot Tub Buyers Beware: Service & Accountability –

In the hot tub market, brand integrity and reputation are huge considerations. Your first questions should focus on service after the sale. Who will help you if a problem arises? Does the spa you are considering have a reliable warranty? Do the sales people guarantee access to service support and parts for years beyond your purchase? On-going service and accountability are the foundation of our business.

Here at Continental Pool and Spa, we are fully accountable. We openly engage, listen to and respond to our customers. Our showroom, our 35+ years in the Pool and Spa business, our signature relationship with the best spa manufacturer in the world—Hot Springs–along with our customer reviews should give you some insight into the level of service you can expect when you do business with us.

And why are such sales only two or three days? Where do these folks go from here? Like an old traveling circus, they will pack up their trailers and head off to the next “big show”. The salesmen will use their “high pressure” tactics, sell a truckload of spas to people they will never see again, and then “blow out of town” with their “blowout prices”. What we can tell you is that, you cannot count on them to efficiently help you solve a problem or answer your questions.

Hot Tub Buyers Beware: Longevity & Hidden Costs –

Your decision to purchase a spa is one you should be comfortable making. Can you “test drive” the spas at such a show? No. You need to know if the spa truly “fits you”. You can “wet-test” the hot tubs in our show room.

We promise to provide you with all the time and information you need before making a major purchase that should last you 15-20 years. We will also inform you about the key factors in spa purchasing as well as the true and possible hidden costs of buying an “incredible limited time only bargain priced” spa.

Ask us about our industry leading quality, features, and warranties. You will appreciate our experienced sales and service staff and our family-based ethic of honesty and trust. Our customers are our most valuable assets. Our livelihood depends on you. We have been in business for more than 35 years, and we plan to be here for 35 more!

We realize that a spa purchase is a major decision. Such a decision should be made thoughtfully and knowledgeably. A spa is not an impulse buy you should make in 15 minutes. Or an hour. Or even 3 days. Let us help you make the right decision. And if you really want to go to a circus, both the Shrine Circus and Ringling Brothers will be in Omaha later this year. Tickets will be less than $20.

Hot Tub Buyers Beware: So You Bought A Hot Tub…Now What? –

After making the decision to buy a hot tub, here is what a legitimate hot tub sale should include:

  • Hot tub delivery and placement (not curbside delivery, the company should place the tub in the agreed upon location)
  • Help you determine the correct electrical outlets you will need – Different tubs run on different electrical
  • Hot tub connection to electrical
  • Installation of insulated hot tub cover and cover lifter (if purchased)
  • Start-up chemicals and test strips
  • A spa check out (walk-through of how to balance your water and explanation of your hot tub controls)
  • Detailed instruction booklet on how to balance water and how to run your hot tub for you to use as reference
  • Ability to bring water samples into our water lab (located in the back of the store in the service center) to have your water thoroughly tested to make sure it is correctly balanced.
  • Ability to sign up for weekly or bi-weekly service and maintenance

These are just a few of the more important things that you should expect when purchasing a hot tub. If the salesman at one of these blowout events cannot deliver that mentioned above, you will want to consider talking to local professionals and think about the decision you are making in regards to hidden costs and personal effort/time.

Hot Tub Buyers Beware: A Scenario –

Disclosure: We aren’t telling you this to try and bring down any product or business. We are here to help our customers. We are telling you this based on our experience (and our customers experience) with events like these to educate you. That way you can make the best decision possible when it comes to buying a hot tub or spa.

You should immediately see a red (hot tub buyers beware) flag waving any time someone uses high-pressure sales tactics and “blowout sales” to gain your business.

Here is the process we have seen over and over: “Hello, I am so and so with so and so blow out, limited-time, on sale, hot tubs. Please, give me your hard earned money, I’ll give you this hot tub (that I really don’t know much about–nor do I own one) and then I am leaving town and it will be incredibly difficult to get in touch with me again after that. Thanks!”

There is no accountability, no trained service tech’s for that brand of tub and furthermore–nobody to easily answer your questions should you have any.

Sure, you might be able to get into contact with someone after desperately searching online for the company you bought the spa from… Only to be put on hold for 30 minutes while they try to look up your records so they can feed you a scripted response about how “the cheap part that broke on your tub isn’t under warranty or that you need to call a local hot tub service tech to come out and help you.”

From there, if said local pool and spa company is willing to help out with a product they do not carry in stock for a tub they don’t sell, they will have to scramble to hunt down and figure out the parts to order from the off brand company. Hot tub buyers BEWARE! Does that sound like a fun process you would like to go through?

Hot Tub Buyers Beware: In Conclusion –

When you purchase a quality hot tub or spa from a reputable company like Continental Pool & Spa, you will be purchasing a quality product that we have stood behind for 35+ years. On top of that, the relationship begins the minute you walk through the door. And that relationship is everlasting. You will always have someone to answer your questions. You will always have access to trained service tech’s who have 35+ years of experience (who can fix just about anything). And you will have on-going support for the life of your hot tub.

If budget is your concern, we have a quality hot tubs for every price point. All you need to do is request spa pricing online, give us a call or stop in and see us!


As always, we want our customers to know that we appreciate all of the support and business.  Should you ever need help with anything or just want to say “Hi!” stop in and see us at Continental Pool & Spa.

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