Sahara STR

What will you be doing this summer? Superior materials and renowned durability, The V7 Steel Series brings you the ultimate in steel pools. Take pride in owning a quality steel pool that is built for the long haul! The entire steel structure is coated with a combination of protective finishes, ensuring maximum resistance to corrosion and providing optimum durability.

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Available Sizes

Height: 52"
Primary Specs
Round 12'
Round 15'
Round 18'
Round 21'
Round 24'
Round 27'
Round 30'
Oval 12’ X 17’
Oval 12’ X 24’
Oval 15’ X 26’
Oval 15’ X 30’
Oval 18’ X 33’

More Details

  • 7-inch protected steel top ledges for extra resistance to weather
  • Steel uprights treated with Texture-Kote
  • Two-piece ledge cover and foot cover for precise fit
  • Interlocking stabilizer support system for easy wall installation
  • Sahara wall pattern-complements Ivory structure
  • Heavy corrugated wall with superior coatings
  • Easy to assemble
  • Buttress system for oval pools
    • a structurally simplified design with superior strength and durability that is both efficient and attractive