Extend the Life of Your Hot Tub Cover

Part of your regular maintenance on your hot tub should be a periodic check up on your hot tub cover.

The hot tub cover that comes with your spa when you purchase from Continental are manufactured by the same company that built your spa, Hot Spring. As a Hot Spring Spa’s product, these covers incorporate the highest quality materials and craftsmanship available. But they will age and you will eventually need to restore, repair, or replace it.

Listed below are some basic things you can do to ensure your hot tub cover has the longest service life possible.

Allow ventilation when balancing the water

Always leave the spa’s cover open for 10-15 minutes after shocking the spa. The chemical burn off shocking creates can have a negative effect on the cover, and allowing the water to “vent” after shocking will prolong the life of your hot tub cover.

hot-tub-cover-cleanerClean your hot tub cover monthly

Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual. A dirty spa cover can lead to brittle and dry vinyl, which is more prone to cracking and tearing. We have several products available in our store to help keep the vinyl in top shape such as Freshwater® Cover Shield.

Inspect your hinges

Precious heat will escape if the tear in the hinge goes beyond the “Heat Seal Shoe” (the flaps of vinyl that seal the gap where the 2 halves come together). If you have a tear on the hinge that is less than 6 inches, your cover may be repairable. Call us or stop in and we can talk about options. Tears longer than 6 inches will almost always require entire cover replacement. You can find more information on knowing when to replace your spa cover here: When Should I Replace My Hot Tub Cover?

If the heat Seal Shoes themselves are damaged or torn away from the hinge, repair may be possible, we recommend contacting your dealer for assistance. You will need to remove the foam core from the cover and then have the cover re-stitched by a company that specializes in such processes, such as tent or awning repair companies. If the shoe or stitching area is severely damaged, we recommend a new hot tub cover.

Avoid climbing on or setting heavy or sharp objects on your cover

Foam cores are essential to heat retention in your spa. If your hot tub cover is sagging and/or puddles are forming on it, there is a great chance that the core is broken. The foam core from your hot tub cover can sometimes be replaced by the manufacture, but we do not recommended if the cover is over 2 years old. The vinyl shrinks over time from exposure, and replacing the foam becomes very difficult and costly.  You will need to almost always replace the cover. (NEVER CLIMB ON TOP OF YOUR COVER OR SET HEAVY OBJECTS ON IT!)

A heavy cover indicates that your core has absorbed water from core breakage and/or damage to the vinyl. Saturated covers will not dry out and you will need to be replace it.

Hot Spring Spa hot tub Cover LifterInstall a hot tub cover lifter

If you don’t already have one, we recommend getting a hot tub cover lifter to keep your spa cover off the ground. This will protect your cover from any unnecessary damage and also makes it much easier to open and close your cover. Be sure to find a hot tub cover lifter that fits your hot tub.

Use the locking tie downs and hardware

A final step in ensuring your hot tub cover has the longest life possible is to use the adjustable locking tie downs and hardware whenever your tub is not in use. This will prevent the elements from opening the spa in your absence, or high winds sending it sailing across your yard. (We have video of this happening!)

 Following the above tips will ensure your hot tub cover stays in good shape for several years of use.

With regular maintenance and check ups, your hot tub cover should last well beyond its 2 year Hot Spring warranty.

And, when you do need a new hot tub cover, don’t settle for anything but a original Hot Spring cover. When you get a hot tub cover from your manufacture, your manufacture designs and builds the cover to fit your hot tub specifically. Contact us if you need to discuss a new cover. We will order one for you and have it delivered and installed within 2-3 weeks.

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